Solutions for Biscayne Bay: Regulatory

Regulatory Solutions

Regulation stands as the cornerstone of environmental protection, and the dedicated agency staff serve as the driving force behind its effective implementation. Empowering these professionals with adequate resources is paramount, enabling them to effectively engage the public and promote responsible resource usage. By equipping them to educate and collaborate with communities, these experts can proactively prevent violations, fostering a culture of compliance and stewardship. Supporting regulatory solutions not only ensures effective enforcement but also cultivates a proactive approach to safeguarding our environment for generations to come.


  • Regulatory Agency staff are equipped and empowered to do their jobs with adequate budgets and adequate staffing.
  • Regulatory agencies conduct meaningful and effective compliance assistance and enforcement action.
  • The regulated public, including municipal governments, seeks authorizations to legally conduct work and operate development per the terms and conditions of their permits and in accordance with water quality standards set forth at federal, state, and local levels.
  • County and municipal water quality data collection is provided to the public and the state through a portal.
  • Marine law enforcement is adequately funded in order to increase patrolling and incident response.


  • FDEP-approved, multi-phased Reasonable Assurance Plan that achieves stated water quality and habitat improvement goals across the entire county. This RAP should be underpinned by the best available science informing the calculation of pollutant loading sources and allocation budgets. It should also meaningfully engage stakeholders.
  • Ensure yearly fiscal budgets for environmental regulatory agencies are fully funded and staffed with trained professionals.
  • Meaningfully engage Miami-Dade County MS4 permittees in required, annual permit compliance training and provide them with "take-home" materials, such as an SOP, to assist them throughout the year. Follow-up with enforcement actions if compliance assistance letters are not heeded and co-permittee performance continues to lag.
  • Perform a more robust County-wide water quality monitoring regime that would inform whether municipal MS4 compliance is working.
  • Expand DERM's illicit pollution inspection staff

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