Scientists Research Algae Blooms to Prevent Doom

Ugly Algae Lurks in Biscayne Bay

Recent problems with algae in Florida’s coastal waters could hint at what’s coming to Biscayne Bay, a NOAA Habitat Focus Area near Miami. A bloom of algae would be unfortunate for this unique coastal ecosystem and regional economic engine. Currently, NOAA is funding projects and partnering with others to reduce or prevent new algal blooms in the bay. Read about a mapping project, funded through a grant to nonprofit Miami Waterkeeper, which is packing all available spatial data for the Biscayne Bay Habitat Focus Area into a geographic information system (GIS) database for sharing online, as well as other funded projects. Click here to view the full article 


These three microscopic algae (diatoms) could help scientists predict a bloom. (credit: A. Wachnicka)

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Scientists Research Algae Blooms to Prevent Doom
Scientists Research Algae Blooms to Prevent Doom
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