Ransom Everglades Boat Patrol

The Ransom Everglades-Miami Waterkeeper Student Boat Patrol program is a joint initiative between Miami Waterkeeper and the Ransom Everglades Middle and High Schools. After students take our “1000 Eyes on the Water” training, they can participate in patrol of the waterways by boat with Miami Waterkeeper and Ransom Everglades (RE) staff. The patrols, on Ransom Everglades vessels with Miami Waterkeeper staff and RE teachers, are 3-hour trips around Biscayne Bay where the team looks for pollution, picks up trash, and samples the waterways. Students learn to use equipment to document salinity, dissolved oxygen, temperature, GPS coordinates, turbidity, and water samples for bacterial analysis. The bacterial analyses are carried out in the Water Quality Research Lab, which is also housed on the RE campus. 

This program has resulted in multiple pollution reports near construction sites on the Miami River, a rescued injured pelican in the Coral Gables Waterway, and countless water quality samples collected. These students are not only practicing real life experiential learning, but are actively engaging in water advocacy with their participation in the program.

With a generous grant from the Frohring Foundation and funding from the City of Coral Gables, starting in 2020, we hope to involve RE-MWK boat patrol students in an ongoing research collaboration examining nutrient pollution in the Gables Waterway and Biscayne Bay along with FIU, NOAA, and University of Massachusetts scientists. We hope that this study will evaluate the effectiveness of various municipal fertilizer ordinances being enacted in Miami-Dade.   


Miami Waterkeeper’s Ransom Everglades Boat Patrol program is made possible by the generous support of: