Hurricane Irma

With the uncertainty of Hurricane Irma, now is a time for preparation to ensure the safety of your friends and family. 

With the uncertainty of Hurricane Irma, now is a time for preparation to ensure the safety of your friends and family.

Because of this, we will be postponing some of our upcoming events scheduled for this week: 

  • Xavier Cortada Exhibit Preview & Conservation Chat - scheduled for Thursday, September 7th will be postponed until further notice
  • Science Saturday w/ Science Barge @ Frost Science - scheduled for Saturday, September 9th will be postponed until further notice
  • Our first Junior Waterkeeper training - scheduled for Saturday, September 9th will be postponed until Saturday, September 30th

photos-facebook-logo-png-transparent-background-13.pngPlease note: Depending on the severity and impacts of the storm, additional events may be postponed.

From all of us at Miami Waterkeeper, we are sending positive thoughts your way. We’re hoping for the very best outcome and safety for you, your friends, and your family.  

Hurricane preparations are important for the safety of your loved ones and our environment!

Stormwater runoff is filled with toxic chemicals, sewage, debris and waste. In the event of a hurricane and heavy rain, this contaminated water can result in serious health and environmental risks. 

Photo courtesy of Heal Our Waterways

Please do your part to help before a storm hits: 

  1. Pick up yard debris
  2. Safely dispose of chemicals ahead of time - Click HERE for home chemical collection centers in your county
  3. Clean your gutters to eliminate debris
  4. Secure outdoor furniture and other items to prevent them from blowing away
  5. Avoid using fertilizers, chemicals, or watering your lawn before the storm

As your waterkeeper, we will be working to ensure clean and safe water for our community immediately following the storm.

Best to all of you!

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Miami Waterkeeper’s mission is to defend, protect, and preserve South Florida’s watershed through citizen engagement and community action rooted in sound science and research. We work to ensure swimmable, drinkable, fishable water for all. Through our efforts, we hope to maintain a clean and vibrant South Florida watershed and coastal culture for generations to come.

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Hurricane Irma
Hurricane Irma
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