Give Miami Day 2018



One day - one chance to make a difference.

Give Miami Day is just around the corner - a 24-hour day of giving for non-profits in our community. On November 15th, you can give a little (or, a lot if you're so inclined!) and support our mission to ensure swimmable, drinkable, fishable, water for South Florida! It's that easy! 

Bookmark THIS page now, set a calendar reminder, and don't forget to protect the water you love this Give Miami Day! (The giving link will be active on Thursday November 15th for just 24 hours!)


Since the last Give Miami Day, your support helped us achieve some serious #WaterWins for South Florida:

  1. Our PortMiami litigation secured the restoration of over 10,000 threatened corals over the next 3 years
  2. Helped stop a rule that would have allowed increased levels of toxic chemicals in Florida's surface waters
  3. Removed over 2,100 pounds of trash from the coastline and reefs of Biscayne Bay and support additional bans on waste
  4. Graduated 22 students from our Junior Ambassador environmental leadership program 
  5. Challenged Florida Light and Power's dangerous policies at Turkey Point Nuclear Plant that are polluting our water and putting us at risk 

With your Give Miami contribution this year, we'll be working on:

  1. Expanding our water quality monitoring program for fecal bacteria 
  2. Reducing or eliminating the use of single-use plastics and styrofoam
  3. Reducing pollution and fertilizers entering into Biscayne Bay to prevent algae blooms
  4. Launching our new Water Patrol program to train our community how to be watershed watchdogs 
  5. Fighting to keep our beaches bacteria-free and safe for swimming and letting you know if its safe to swim via our Swim Guide app

We need your support to keep protecting the water you love! Please give Miami Waterkeeper this Give Miami Day!


Will you come?

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Give Miami Day 2018
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