Field Tech Intern (Water Quality Sample Collection)

Required Qualifications
  • Involves fieldwork across Miami Dade County and Broward County
  • Completes water quality training program
  • Collects samples, both routine and opportunistic, as part of the water quality monitoring program (Monday morning for Miami-Dade, Tuesday for Broward County, as well as possible resampling later in the week) 
  • Analyzes samples in the laboratory
  • Coordinates with Environmental Field Technician for sample collection and analysis 
  • Collects data using apps in the field, records data on the field sheet, takes site pictures, adds site pictures to database
  • Has a vehicle in order to access water quality sampling sites
  • Works 5-10 hours/week 
  • Abides by water quality program procedures and processes
  • Abides by sample and laboratory schedules (sample must be processed within 6 hours after collection) to ensure timely completion of sampling; analysis must occur after 24 hours of incubation
  • Can be undergraduate or graduate student, preferably with an interest in water quality monitoring and research
  • Notifies Environmental Field Technician and Water Quality Research Manager of equipment/supply needs
Desired Qualifications
  • Florida Boater Safety License and/or Captain's license 
  • Motorboat Operators Certification (MOCC)

Please submit a resume and cover letter to [email protected] with the subject line "Field Tech Intern." Applications will close on May 31.

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