End Sewage Dumping

The Miami-Dade sewage system has spilled tens of millions of gallons of raw sewage into our waterways in recent years.

Sewage pollution can cause severe environmental damage and negatively impact human health and safety. Sewage dumping is caused by outdated and ineffective infrastructure, leaking septic tanks, and the destruction of natural areas and the wetlands that naturally absorb stormwater. Sewage introduces pathogens, heavy metals, excess nutrients, and other pollutants into our waterways that enact a heavy toll on water quality. These toxins can cause destructive algal blooms, fish kills, and the die-off of aquatic life. Pathogens into swimming areas and our water supply can cause illness, disease outbreaks, and increased risk of chronic, long-term illnesses.

We are committed to reducing or eliminating the sewage spills that pollute our waterways. In 2012, we filed a notice to sue Miami-Dade County over Clean Water Act violations and challenged a multi-billion dollar proposed infrastructure plan that failed to account for sea level rise and provide adequate funding for the Water and Sewer Departments maintainence. Since then, the County has incorporated many of our suggested best management practices for dealing with flooding issues and sewage problems.

We want to ensure that Miami’s continued growth is sustainable and doesn’t come at the cost of permanent environmental damage. We need your support to make sure that we can continue to protect Miami’s incredible waterways that are critical to our quality of life here in South Florida. Miami deserves a sewage-free bay that is ready for the challenges of the future. Help us fight for one.

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Miami deserves a sewage-free bay that is ready for the challenges of the future.

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End Sewage Dumping