Protect Florida's Reefs

Florida’s reefs are invaluable to the economy, ecology, and livelihood of South Florida. Unfortunately, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is poised to start a major dredging project in Port Everglades without implementing protections that will save nearby corals. During a similar dredging project at Port Miami, just 30 miles south, the Corps illegally harmed ten times the number of corals predicted and caused severe impacts to an area of reef that would cover 200 football fields. In 2014, Miami Waterkeeper and co-plaintiffs filed an Endangered Species Act lawsuit to get these corals protected and restored. Hundreds of threatened staghorn corals have been rescued as a result, but many more were buried alive and now need restoration. 

We are trying to avoid a "Dredgeful Situation" in Port Everglades. The Corps has signed the Record of Decision for the dredging of Port Everglades in Ft. Lauderdale, which makes the project eligible for approval. But, the Corps’ current project plan for Port Everglades is based on demonstrably false data and assumptions, and still fails to protect imperiled coral.

Are you worried about the safety of Florida's reefs during the dredging of Port Everglades? Sign the petition, add your voice.

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It's time for better protections for reefs.

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Protect Florida's Reefs
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