August 10 - Fish Kill



Scientists have been warning about a "tipping point" in Biscayne Bay for years. We've seen the consequences: algae blooms, seagrass die-offs, and now... fish kills. 

Our sampling team and members of the public sounded the alarm on this fish kill near Morningside Park earlier today. We notified the proper agencies and will be sending water samples to FWC to check for harmful algae bloom toxins. What we know so far is that dissolved oxygen levels in the water near the location were very low and temperatures were very high. Nutrients from fertilizers, septic effluent, sewage spills, pet waste, and more can feed algae blooms and lead to low oxygen conditions in the water column -- causing fish kills. 

Please contact us if you have seen anything related to this fish kill event. We will be posting updates as we receive them. 

And remember, we offer a free pollution training to help you identify, document, and report incidents like this one that you may see on the water. Learn more about 1000 Eyes on the Water here.

Want to do even more? Learn more about how to reduce your nutrient footprint here.

Photos courtesy of Kathryn Quinlivan Mikesell

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August 10 - Fish Kill
August 10 - Fish Kill
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