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UPCOMING EVENT: Free our Shores: Marine Debris Clean-Up Friday, July 05, 2024

Join Miami Waterkeeper and The International SeaKeepers Society for our 3rd Annual Free Our Shores Clean-Up event to remove the excessive amount of trash and debris created by 4th of July celebrations.   Volunteer Day Main Tasks: Removal of marine debris from the water and nearby spoil islands A vessel will be transporting volunteers to and from the near by islands to remove marine debris. This volunteer event may require heavy lifting hence teenagers and older groups are recommended. If younger age groups participate, they should be monitored at all times by the designated guardian, parents, etc. *Community Service hours also provided*  Important Volunteer Information: Please be on time, registration begins 30 minutes before the volunteer workday starts. Please arrive at 4:30pm! Please Bring: Refillable water bottle. Stay hydrated and be prepared to work outside and on the water. Closed-toe shoes are required and long-sleeved shirts are and long pants are recommended (clothes that can get wet). A hat, sunblock, and insect repellent (recommended). Gloves and trash grabbers (if you have them-otherwise Miami Waterkeeper and SeaKeepers will provide all supplies). The clean-up is weather dependent and the event will be canceled with at least 24 hours notice if inclement weather is anticipated.   RSVP below! If you are finding difficulties RSVPing to this event or have questions about this event, please email [email protected] and she will be happy to assist you!    

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Stormwater runoff is a serious issue that requires our attention and action. By understanding the effects of runoff and taking steps to reduce its impact, we can help to protect the health of our waterways, wildlife, and coastal communities. What is Stormwater? Stormwater is any water flowing over a paved surface, like a sidewalk or roadway. It comes from precipitation (i.e. rain), irrigation, or other activities that can lead to water flowing over the land and not being absorbed by the ground. How Does Stormwater Impact Biscayne Bay? As the rain beats down on our streets, sidewalks, and roofs, it carries with it more than just water. In fact, stormwater runoff is a major source of pollution in our waters that poses significant risks to our environment, public health, and local ecosystems. Stormwater runoff occurs when water flows over hard surfaces, such as concrete and asphalt, and into storm drains, canals, rivers, and other bodies of water. This runoff carries with it pollutants – such as oil, chemicals, litter, and sediment – causing harm to aquatic life, reducing water quality, and compromising the health of our waterways. How can you help? As members of the community, each of us can also take many simple steps to minimize the impacts of stormwater. These include: Reduce the use of chemicals, such as fertilizers and pesticides, around our homes and businesses. Install rain barrels or rain gardens to capture and reuse runoff (and take Miami-Dade County’s free rain barrel workshop to receive a rebate). Plant native vegetation, which requires less watering and provides better filtration of pollutants. Participate in community clean-up events to reduce litter and other pollutants.  

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