1,000 Eyes on the Water Rapid Response team - WE NEED YOUR HELP!

Thank you for joining Miami Waterkeeper's 1,000 Eyes on the Water Rapid Response team. You are joining the front lines and are mobilizing with hundreds of volunteers across Miami-Dade to address this fish kill catastrophe in Biscayne Bay. Thank you for your dedication! 

Here's the latest -- scientists have issued a plea for community members to remove dead fish from the shorelines. 

Why? As dead marine life decays, the bacteria in the decaying material consume dissolved oxygen in the water. This means, what little oxygen is left in the Bay right now can get used up by bacteria from the decaying fish -- making the Bay's oxygen problem even WORSE. But, you can be part of the solution. 

Here's how:

Step 1: Complete the online 1,000 Eyes on the Water training -- this training will instruct you how to be safe while on patrol, and that is priority #1! 

Step 2: Target areas with high concentrations of dead fish. Do NOT remove live fish from the water. Check out this map to see where we've received reports. Anywhere with a red dot is fair game. You can do this via boat/kayak/SUP board or from the shoreline.

Step 3: Wear gloves or use a net to collect dead fish. 

Step 4: Place the dead fish into a trash bag - seal the bag and dispose of it in a trash can. 

Step 5: Send a photo with date, time, and location of your clean up to hello@miamiwaterkeeper.org so we can coordinate efforts. 

As you clean up, please note that we do not recommend swimming in the water at this time

Please note: we are still receiving reports of new locations being impacted by this fish kill. Please report all new sightings with a photo, date, time, and location to hello@maimiwaterkeeper.org. 

And, please spread the word - we need as many hands on deck as possible to help with this cleanup effort. 

Thank you for your commitment to helping our beloved Biscayne Bay.

In solidarity,

Miami Waterkeeper

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1,000 Eyes on the Water Rapid Response team - WE NEED YOUR HELP!
1,000 Eyes on the Water Rapid Response team - WE NEED YOUR HELP!
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